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Tarot Workshops

Tarot workshops are not part of the official tarot degree program and are intended for interest, fun and exploration. Tarot experience is helpful but it is not necessary to receive value from these classes. Workshops are offered through a variety of venues and will, one day, be available online.

Intuitive Tarot School Workshops

Freestyle Tarot

Freestyle Tarot is Leila Vey’s special method for gaining insightful messages from Tarot without any previous knowledge of traditional Tarot meanings. We will amaze ourselves with how easy it is to receive meaningful messages after only one class!

Cost: $40

Introduction to Tarot

Are you curious about Tarot and would like to know more? In this class, Leila will begin to de-mystify Tarot. We will explore the form and structure of tarot and discover just how easy it can be to plug into insightful messages without any previous experience. We will learn how to choose a deck, what tarot is and is not, and discuss some of the many uses for Tarot. Bring a deck if you have one. If you don’t have a deck, we have some loaners that you can use.

Cost: $40

Tarot For Self-Discovery I – Dream Interpretation

Did you know that you can use Tarot to help unravel the symbolism in dreams? In this class, we will learn how to gain deeper insight into our dreams. Students should bring a dream to work with, written out on a sheet of paper.

Cost: $40

Tarot For Self-Discovery II – Explore Your Birth Chart

Have you ever wanted to understand more about your astrological makeup (natal chart) but don’t know enough about astrology? Tarot is a wonderful tool for gaining insight into our natural tendencies, our gifts and our challenges. In this class, we will re-create our basic birth charts with Tarot and begin the process of learning more about the blueprint we chose for our lives.

Cost: $40

Tarot For Self-Discovery III – Numerology

In this class, we will learn how to use Tarot to explore key numerological attributes such as destiny, personality, karmic lessons, life path, heart’s desire, and challenges.

Cost: $40