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Intuitive Tarot School Program SummaryLeila Vey’s Intuitive Tarot School Program


Leila Vey’s Intuitive Tarot School is a fun and interactive program designed to give you the tools you need to read Tarot cards intuitively, without the use of cheat sheets or reference books.

The school is organized as modules. You may pick those that interest you, or you can complete them systematically from beginning to end, which will give you a very thorough Tarot education from Novice or Refresher level right through to Mastery.

If you opt to work the entire program, you have the option of participating in our certificate program after completing each of the degrees. Certificate evaluation will consist of a one-on-one oral discussion and sample reading (performed by the student.) You will receive valuable feedback and some additional insights that will help you to continue your development. Upon demonstration of an understanding of tarot principles at each level, a certificate will be awarded for the completed level.

First to Third Degrees will cover beginner, intermediate and expert Tarot reading skills. By the end of the third degree, and with practice, students should be well equipped to read professionally. As with anything, proficiency comes with practise and study. Your results will be directly related to the effort and dedication you put into it. The great thing is that practising to read is fun and rewarding!

The Master degrees (4-7) are for those who wish to journey with Tarot to enhance their spiritual wisdom and growth. Successful applicants will work one-on-one with Leila through a spiritual process designed to help students understand, integrate and transform through archetype, elemental magic and shamanic exploration.

Intuitive Tarot School ApproachApproach

Leila has been teaching Tarot classes for many years and finds her elemental approach to be highly effective in helping students tap into Tarot energies guided only by their own intuition and impressions.

At all times throughout this series, we will present the information and ask you to draw upon your own experiences and life events to help you understand the messages contained in the cards. Not only will you learn to connect with the tarot, but you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself through the process. You can’t be good at understanding tarot unless you understand yourself.

Our Tarot classes are lots of fun. Humour is a great teacher, and you will no doubt find the humour in some of the examples and messages presented in this program. Enjoy. Play with the cards. Have fun.

Throughout this program, we will be using Leila Vey’s decks, Tarot Of Timeless Truth and Age Of Wisdom Tarot, for the lessons and examples. Both of these decks are Ryder-Waite compatible decks so the meanings and interpretations are standard Golden Dawn. Tarot Of Timeless Truth and Age Of Wisdom Tarot are well suited for teaching because of the vivid imagery and correspondences used; however, you are free to use any Ryder-Waite compatible deck that speaks to you.

The Intuitive Tarot School approach to Tarot can differ somewhat from many other professionals. We do not consider Tarot’s primary importance to be for fortune telling. In fact, we are not avid fans of traditional fortune telling. Instead, our approach to Tarot is that it is a valuable tool for divining insight and understanding so that we can empower ourselves and others to make our own wise choices. Tarot helps shine a light on the inner workings of people and situations so that we have the knowledge and understanding we need to make adjustments in our lives. Sometimes, this is a subtle difference but it is an approach that places the responsibility of living and creating on the querent rather than on the reader.

Please visit our program pages for more information on each degree.