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Leila VeyIntroducing Leila Vey…

Life has been a mystery school for me, and it’s just the way I like it. There is always something new to learn, to grapple with, to broaden and enrich in this time of vast shifts. It is an exciting time when ancient mysteries are finally surfacing for the world at large to benefit from them and accept many of them into popular culture.

During this time of awakening Tarot, too, is benefitting from a new perspective as readers deliver messages loaded with revelations and truths that not too long ago remained buried.

Perhaps the greatest mystery of all is that of the human psyche. What makes us tick? What motivates us and drives our thoughts and actions? For the student willing to learn, and willing to take an honest and fearless inventory of him or herself, Tarot provides profound insight to this and other great mysteries. The more we truly understand ourselves, the more powerful our messages become for others. The more we internalize the truths of the Tarot, the more perceptive we become.

It is my joy and privilege to share my love of growing with you. I hope you will find this journey we take together as rich, fun and rewarding as it is for me.


How We Got Here…

In 2003, I published a Tarot deck called, “Tarot Of Timeless Truth” after realizing that the deck I was looking to buy did not exist. Even before the deck was off the press, tarot enthusiasts were lining up to buy the deck and it has been a strong seller around the world ever since.

With a background in psychology and teaching, I found myself responding to requests for classes and workshops and began teaching tarot in addition to the readings I was doing. Tarot is so incredibly versatile and has so much to teach us; every class led me to new ideas and insights. One day I woke up and realized that I could offer a tarot school that could take students from the very beginning to a Mastery level. At this point, the plan laid itself out for me and all I had to do was see, listen, and capture.

The Intuitive Tarot School consists of a total of seven degrees (or levels.) The first three degrees are offered by way of classes, mentoring and tutoring. These three degrees can guide dedicated learners to an expert level. There are four Mastery degrees which are available through an application process only. I work one on one with students at these levels, either in person or over distance. By the end of the third degree, students should be well equipped to read professionally. The Master degrees are for those who wish to journey with Tarot to enhance their spiritual wisdom and growth.