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Welcome to Leila Vey's Intuitive Tarot School


Leila Vey’s Intuitive Tarot School classes are offered in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada and around the world. In addition, we are working to create an interactive online version that will enable students anywhere in the world to join the fun. The first module, Learn to Read Tarot Intuitively, is under currently development for the online school. Target completion date is May 1st, 2016.

Content continually changes. Please visit us again soon!

Winter and Spring 2016 Classes

Intuitive Tarot School Current Course Offering

First Degree Courses:

Learn To Read Tarot Intuitively
– Classes begin Nov 3, 2015!

Learn to Read Tarot Reversed
– Classes begin Jan 5, 2016!

Second Degree Courses:

Tarot Spreads: Level II
– Classes begin March 2, 2016

Understanding the Human Factor in Court Cards
– Classes begin March 23, 2016!

Major Arcana: Embracing the Big Stuff
– Classes begin April 27, 2016!

Card Combinations: How Cards Affect Each Other
– Classes begin June 1, 2016!

Tarot Workshops

Introduction to Tarot
– Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Upcoming Classes